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You may not have realised this but by reading this you have already started the process of positive change. I want you to know that I support you in your Pursuit of Happiness whether it's with me or not and if there is anything, I can do to help please feel free to ask. I love what I do and it shows in every session delivered. This is why my amazing clients continue to trust me with their physical health and well-being (some as long as 10 years).I could tell you that I am the best Trainer in the World but if I'm not the right Trainer for you then it doesn't matter. I believe that the P in PT is the most important part of our training. That's why I always book a free, no-pressure chat first so we can find out what it is you’re looking for and if I'm the right Trainer for you.


With 10 years of wrestling boxing and MMA training and almost 20-years gym training...Why video training? There is no wrong way to work out but there are times and places that make the workout more effective. I have found video training my clients to be the most effective way of getting them to learn how their bodies work in an environment most comfortable to them and with no unnecessary and stressful London travel. The knowledge and control of their own body then transfer to better, safer use of gym equipment in future workouts.

My training plans are always entirely bespoke and personal to you. Regardless of your current level of fitness, whether you have no equipment or you have a full home gym, I will design workouts to best suit you.

Not convinced video training is for you? Then allow me to offer you a pay-as-you-go video training session so you can have a go before committing to a full course

With over a decade of experience as a Personal Trainer and Coach, I have worked with some amazing people who not only gained in power and strength on the gym floor but discovered their power and strength from inside themselves. Here are their stories....


Daniel’s Pro Wrestling background gives him an edge in understanding how to work around injuries and tailoring exercises to work for my body. He always gives me 100% of his attention, making sure my alignment is perfect and that I get away with nothing. He has a voracious appetite for upgrading his skills and adding to his strong foundation of knowledge. What surprised me the most. though, was that I was actually really enjoying working out again. Before, I would find any excuse to miss a session, but now I actually look forward to everyone. Although I enjoy going to the gym, I also love the flexibility of working out online with Daniel. Whether I’m at home or travelling, he’s able to tailor my workouts to the amount of space I have or equipment (or lack thereof) available. It’s amazing how few things you need to still have a great workout. Having bought more equipment like bands, kettlebells, and an assortment of weights, I’m thinking that this is a much better setup than going back to the gym!


Martyn's story:


Hi my name is Martyn and not that anyone who met me now would know it but I was depressed for many years. Not only was this mentally tough to face but in the end, I barely left my room and physically changed for the worse. I wanted to change everything but thought I was stuck in this same life forever though I did manage to get to the gym (as I lived next door to it and I could see it through the window) to at least try to look less disgusting to myself that's where I met Dan. He told me that my mental health and physical health are as one and that the changes I make to one will affect both in a positive way. I gained so much strength from my training that he gave me the power to turn my own faults around and within three to 4 months I not only looked different but felt amazing to the point where I changed my career and I went from hiding in my room to now travelling the world as head of recruitment for a hotels site. I see so many people suffering in silence alone and by themselves and I just wish I could save them the way Daniel saved me. One step forward means no more steps backwards.